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April 9, 2012

New Case Study by Ryan Pitylak

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I recently created a video case study that talked about how my company uses two leading SEO tools to drive great results for our clients. It’s a pleasure to be among trusted friends in the search community and it’s especially nice to talk about working with them. Here’s the clip:

September 9, 2010

Lead Generation Trends – LeadsCon – Ryan Pitylak

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May 16, 2010

Using Search Marketing to Get Customers by Ryan Pitylak

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By Ryan Pitylak

Search marketing is a great way to reach new customers.  In the local space, we at Outrank.com have found that with a reasonable amount of research we can turn a relatively small budget into enough phone calls to make our clients happy.  Although we see success for our clients, I know many small businesses that try to use search marketing on their own struggle to see success.  This makes a lot of sense to me because the cost-per-click in sponsored search advertising is always going up, which drives down the potential to have a profitable return-on-advertising-spend (ROAS).  We use techniques that get people to appear next to the map or below the map when consumers are searching at their favorite search engine.  These areas in the search results do not cost money per click, and therefore we are able to pass that savings on to our clients.  Unfortunately for many small businesses who venture into this area on their own, they find that they can’t get their websites to appear in these areas.  It’s the intelligence gained from having thousands of customers that makes us so successful.  It’s ultimately a lot cheaper for someone to just hire a firm like us to ensure positive results.

Ryan Pitylak

March 30, 2010

Phone Call Tracking

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Many people don’t know the source of their phone calls.  And that makes sense.  Let’s say I am a roofer.  I am up on a roof and really don’t have time to ask you

So, that leads back to the importance of tracking calls.  They are important.  Without them, customers have a hard time measuring the value of their advertising.  Even though we may have front page placement for them for a great term, they need to know we’re driving them calls.  And, thankfully, with that level of transparency available, we can show them we’re driving them legitimate business that is turning into money for them.

January 27, 2010

How to Charge For Your Rented Email List

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A friend of mine asked how to price the rental of their email list.

Let me start by saying that an email list rental borders on spam if done incorrectly.  So, you need to be very conscious of what you’re doing and what your audience is expecting.  The best way to get the message of another company into your email is to add it to your newsletter.  That way, it’s aligned with the interests of the people receiving the email.

I would compare a few different rental list prices for companies who are offering comparable lists.  Show why yours is cheaper than most everyone elses’ list.

Then give some sort of story around how your CTR (click-through-rate) for the rented email delivery, assuming you have these metrics, is higher than the average.  This will show people that your cost-per-click is lower than your competitors.

Remember the alternative is clicks from places like Google, so you want to make sure your CPC is below whatever they would be able to buy traffic for from alternative sources.

I am extremely sensitive to email delivery.  You should ONLY send out email if you audience signed up for the email and its truly relevant.

December 31, 2009

Check out this post by Mike Blumenthal

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Check out this post by Mike Blumenthal

Mike Blumenthal’s 2009 Most Read Stories – Ryan Pitylak

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Mike Blumenthal has a great blog that discusses local search marketing trends before they really become trends.  He posted a new article about the most highly read articles in 2009.  I would recommend reading the articles referenced in this post if you’re interested in knowing more about local search.

His most highly read articles follow:

1. Google replaces TeleAtlas data in the US with Google data
2. Tracking Local Search Traffic with Analytics (Thanks to Martijn Beijk!)
3. Google Maps Proves more Locksmiths in NYC than Cabbies
4. Where are Google Places Pages going? To the Index?
5. Google Maps vs Locksmiths Spammers – Spammers winning?
6. Big boobs bounce back to Top of Google Maps
7. Google Maps now showing Local 10 pack on Broad non Geo phrase searches
8. Google Maps – How to Remove Duplicate Records in the Local Business Center
9. Google Maps – Merging Mania Due to Algo Change
10. Why the Google Local Business Center Fails

- Ryan Pitylak

December 12, 2009

Great list of resources about Google Adv…

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Great list of resources about Google Advertising: Ryan Pitylak Sites

December 10, 2009

Excited about this twitter style blog!

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Excited about this twitter style blog!

Ryan Pitylak Demand Generation Techniques

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When you’re running your own online business, sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to convince you to spend hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars on books, software, systems, and just about anything that claims to teach you how to reach the marketing success you have been dreaming to achieve.

Sad to say, too much money is spent on things that actually do not do anything to get you anywhere near marketing goals. Unfortunately for some people, they do not realize that they’re failing over and over again with the same bad marketing ideas.

It’s a good thing Ryan Pitylak is here to help your business. Ryan Pitylak is definitely the person to talk to when you want to achieve genuine marketing success for your online business. Ryan Pitylak has over a decade of credible online marketing experience.  This experience leads to effective and efficient solutions for your marketing needs. From SEO to viral marketing, from PPC to blogging, from demand generation to research, Ryan Pitylak, Austin, offers effective marketing results to an ever-growing list of clients.

Ryan Pitylak’s three fundamental rules for marketing success:

1. Do something. Yes, miracles happen. But not to everybody. And success is never as fulfilling as it should be when you have not really worked to achieve it. Ryan Pitylak, Austin, Texas, believes that achieving marketing success involves careful planning and execution every single step of the way—researching, studying, testing, and evaluating.

2. Set your mind. Having the right mind-set helps a lot. Of course, with your brain being a major organ in the human system, it can command great control over the rest of the parts of the system. So imagine the power it has over all your aspirations and goals. Focus on what you want to achieve, and getting there will be easier.

3. Be patient. Yes, Ryan Pitylak, Austin, also believes that patience is a great virtue. Although we should feel inspired when we hear of people getting rich overnight, but we should not expect this to happen to ourselves. It takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to realize our marketing goals.

Ryan Pitylak, Austin, TX suggests that we should equip ourselves with these three fundamental keys for marketing success.

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